How To Play Songs On Guitar With The Chords And Melody Parts Combined!

Online Dating Sites - "Do online affairs count?"Father I have a confession.

I’ve been playing the same things on guitar over and over and over again for years, never moving forward and rarely trying anything new.

I’m ashamed to admit it but…

No one enjoys listening to me play.

The fact is…

I’m A Boring Guitar PlayerAll jokes aside guys but this is true for a lot of us.

I’ll straight up tell you that I too was a boring guitar player for years. Listening to me play guitar for more than 10 minutes was the equivalent to watching paint dry. No word of a lie.

Sure I could strum through chords but after 5 minutes of that who’s listening? The sad truth was that even after years of playing I still couldn’t entertain a group of friends on guitar if my life depended upon it.

…major sigh… “Houston, we have a problem”

guitar-storeOne afternoon I was killing time in the local music store looking at acoustic guitars (I couldn’t afford) hanging on the wall (you know the way you do…

…starting at one end of the line, slowly walking until you reach the end).

When suddenly from the back corner a guy in his late 50’s starting playing.

But this wasn’t any kind of playing… I could instantly recognize the tune he was playing because everything was there… the chords, the bass notes, the melody line – everything.

It sounded ‘tasty in my ears‘ if that makes any sense. Like I could sit there listening to him play all day.

But how the hell was he doing it? I had to know.

I walked over and watched him.

He was doing it all with Fingerstyle guitar and man did he make it look easy.

It was like I was being shown what REAL guitar playing REALLY was. Come hell or high water I was going to learn how to do it, I KNEW it was the way to go.

Naturally I asked him if he gave lessons or would consider it…

“NO” was the answer. (Typical!)

But he did tell me it was easy to learn, just look for books on fingerstyle or finger picking guitar.

And so I did.

Let me tell you… that switch in direction changed everything for me. As soon as I started introducing even a hint of the melody to my playing people started to perk up & enjoy listening to me on guitar. That little ingredient was like the missing ‘magic sauce’.

That’s Why This Course Could Be A Game Changer For You

lightOver the years I’ve learned how to combine the chords and melody parts to most anything I sit down to play.

BUT… I’ve also worked out how to simplify this stuff down and make it so easy to learn that practically anyone can copy me and do it too.

Only unlike me, you’ll get it all handed to you on a silver platter. (I had to do it the hard way and figure it all out for myself!)

Hand On Heart, I’d Like To Give You A Friendly PUSH


If you really want to play acoustic guitar (to the point where others actually get pleasure from listening to you) then fingerstyle is they way to go.

  • Add the melody lines to all the songs you play, right inside the chords!
  • Make all your songs instantly recognizable
  • Play guitar just like the original artists do on the records
  • Add textures and tapestry to your chords
  • Feel the sensation of people actually enjoying to hear you play
  • Earn the right to upgrade your guitar. Better woods = better tone only now… your playing actually deserves it!

Gone are the mundane, boring days of mindless strumming. We’re talking about things like strings, wood, fingers, earthy sound, resonance, roots, feeling, phrasing and expression.

The facts are straight cut… most people who start getting the hang of fingerstyle NEVER go back to their old way of playing.

It All Breaks Down Into 5 Simple Steps…

Step One:


In this module we set up the platform for success by laying down the best foundation possible.

  • Use my custom designed exercises to whip your fingers into shape.
  • Learn how to organize your fingers & patterns correctly. This is the same system all the top pro’s use.
  • The secret to playing blind so you’ll lose any need to ‘look’ at what you’re doing on guitar.
  • Principals of TONE and how to extract a beautiful, rich and earthy sound regardless of your guitar!
  • A secret method I use in practicing that guarantees I’ll master new fingerstyle pattens much faster than normal. It’s called S.S.I.H
  • How to improve the clarity and QUALITY of your chords so your fingerstyle sounds full and rich.

Step Two:

Patterns & Expression

Patterns are at the heart of this style of guitar! Inside you’ll learn…

  • The best sounding fingerstyle patterns I know (from 15+ years of learning them)
  • How to mix and match patterns together to create complex tapestry’s and a polished, professional sound.
  • How to inject dynamics into your fingerstyle so that you create something called “landscape” when you play.
  • The correct way to phrase. This is how to ‘breathe’ expression into the music and give it genuine feeling.
  • An introduction to Travis Picking and a classic “Bob Dylan” pattern.

Step Three:

Fingerstyle Chords

Fingerstyle utilizes many chords you won’t find used so often when strumming. This module will show you all of them and how they are used.

  • An essential form of D which you must know. It’s a lifesaver.
  • Partial chords and how to use them for great sounding transitions and bridges.
  • How to ‘mystify’ your C  and Em chords.
  • A new G chord that’s prettier and deeper than the standard form.
  • The fingerstyle F chord. Mastering this form of F is essential if you’re serious about finger picking (and oh… it’s not a barre chord! That’s next to useless in fingerstyle.)
  • Beautiful examples of classic fingerstyle progressions and voice leading.

Knowing the right chords will enrich your fingerstyle sound immensely and allow you to create deeper colors. This module is packed full of earthy goodness.

Step Four:

rabbit-hatThe Magic Trick

In this section I’ll show you a super powerful secret to take everything you’ve already learned and instantly expand it into something TWICE AS BIG.

I don’t want to give too much away but I’m sure you’re going to love how powerful a technique it is.

Best of all, 90% of you will be able to do it with little to no extra practice. It’s basically a ‘flick of the switch’.

A great many songs are played with this feel and I’ll show you how to make ‘the switch’ instantly!

Step Five:

Fingerstyle Songs (Putting The Chords & Melody Together!)

O.K – Time to put all the ingredients together!

  • Watch as I show you exactly how to play chords and melody lines together in songs
  • Make every tune you play instantly recognizable!
  • Finally feel as though you’re playing some real guitar
  • Full TABs included and step-by-step instruction
  • Watch as people actually start to enjoy hearing you play – the difference is like night and day because now you’re playing actual music.

Isn’t It Time To Play Some Real Guitar?

workAfter spending so much time stuck in meaningless chord progressions and mundane strums you’ll likely experience this course as a big, welcome breath of fresh air.

The truth is that most people never go back to their old ways of playing again.

When you experience that inspirational moment of being able to play complete songs with the melody lines and chords all rolled into one it feels like you’re finally playing some real guitar – the way it was always supposed to be!

Just think back to how you imagined things to be when you first started learning… wasn’t that the whole point?


I know I’ve produced one of my BEST COURSES EVER here but I also know that it’s not easy to buy online and put your trust in something.

… so here’s what I’ve come up with

Try It For 30 Days FIRST, Then
Decide If You Want To Keep It

garThe last thing I expect is for you to simply take my word for it.

But at the same time I know this course will more than likely change your approach to guitar from here on out.

So you have my full permission to take 30 days to scour, examine, watch and pour over all you’ll find inside, and only then decide if you want to keep it.

If you don’t think you got at least 10x the value you paid for it shoot me an email here and I’ll quickly and quietly return every penny back to you. No hard feelings.

…and you can STILL keep the course just as my way of saying thanks for trying it. Fair enough?

How Much? Just One Easy Payment Of $49.95

  • 53 video lessons walking you through it step-by-step
  • A complete course book with every note written out
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author-photoP.S – About being stuck in a rut…

If we really wanted to be hard on ourselves we’d call it… laziness.

Being stuck in a repetitive rut where you always play the same stuff is what I call “guitar purgatory” and unfortunately, it’s exactly where most people end up.

Strumming chords and playing song progressions IS the perfect place to start your journey BUT that’s all it was ever meant to be… the start

…not the place you’d end up shipwrecked for the rest of your guitar-playing-life! And it’s not how you’ll ever be able to play something truly satisfying on guitar either!

Take this for a 30 day test drive and see for yourself, it’ll likely change  your direction on guitar forever. Get it here.